About Us

MakerOS® is a web-based software platform for product development companies that offer 3D printing, CNC, laser cutting, product design, or any other digital fabrication service. The platform is a business solution for these companies to better collaborate with their clients throughout the entire lifecycle of the project, creating efficiencies that lead to more profits and better workflows.

The company was born out of our frustrations from previously dealing with clients and managing project workflows while running 3D printing service bureaus in Chicago back in 2013. Simply put, there was no software platform designed for product development or prototyping companies to handle the specific needs and demands of a 3D printing project, so we built our own.

Fast forward to today.

The MakerOS software features a suite of integrated tools that optimizes project workflows. Complete projects more efficiently. Tools include a Public Autoquoter, an online 3D viewer, a file sharing and messaging portal, an inventory manager, and a payment portal.

Companies who've used MakerOS have reduced product development time by up to 80% and increased revenue by 10X.

Contact us to learn more. We'll show you how MakerOS can provide you value and optimize your workflow in a 15-20 minute conversation.

All MakerOS accounts start with a 30-day free trial.

Talk to you soon,
Mike Moceri
Founder & CEO of MakerOS

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