About Us

MakerOS is a business management software that helps you scale your services, expand your team, and connect your network in ways that save you time, create efficiencies, and simplifies the process around everything it takes to run your company.

Simply put, we are an efficiency platform.

In 2010, I was in my freshman year at DePaul University. It was 3 AM, and I was reading Gizmodo when I saw a video that I didn’t quite understand. What I would later come to know as the world of 3D printing, at first it just registered as it does for so many: creating something out of nothing.

This got me thinking: what if there was a system designed to help others do the same? Not just with 3D printing, but the very means of creation and e-commerce.

A plan was hatched, and I set out. I got involved with the open-source community, worked with a top 3D printing manufacturer, and co-founded the world’s first retail 3D printing service bureau in Chicago, and then struck out on my own to bootstrap the premier 3D printing service in Detroit.

After learning the needs of maker businesses inside and out, I was ready: time to build.

MakerOS was born out of my own experiences. It's been fine-tuned by bringing together a team with combined decades of experience in technology, manufacturing, and design.

Working as one, we’re committed to making you efficient so that you can do more of your thing. Whatever your thing is, we want you to do the thing.

It’s inevitable that the future will be run by makers, and we see MakerOS as the backbone supporting these people and their dreams. We take care of all the things you don’t want to; all the things you shouldn’t have to deal with, anyway. We are a tool for helping you get back to focusing on your craft. We’re a helping hand, a trusted advisor, and a loyal partner. We’re the operating system for your maker business.

If you're interested in learning more about MakerOS, request a demo here.

Mike Moceri
Founder & CEO

Mike Moceri Headshot for MakerOS