Innovators Use MakerOS

Case study


Roboto.NYC is a design and light fabrication firm for artists, designers, and engineers specializing in product development, rapid prototyping, and low-volume production. Implementing MakerOS directly on their website created a better customer experience that lead to a revenue increase of 10 times within 12 months.

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Case study

Griflan Design

Griflan is an award-winning design and development agency working across a range of projects and industries. MakerOS introduced a new level to transparency and efficient communication between Griflan’s multidisciplinary network of employees, contractors, and clients.

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Case study


Home to ten fabrication labs across 63,000 square-feet, mHUB is an innovation center for physical product development and manufacturing. As an end-to-end platform, MakerOS connects the mHUB team with their members and enables them to find operational efficiencies as they build a thriving community.

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MakerOS Overflow Supply Network

The MakerOS Overflow Supply Network lets you connect with companies like these right in the platform so you can expand your capabilities and grow your business.

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Who else uses MakerOS?

  • Small Fabricators

    Installed directly on your site for a singular customer experience.

  • Creative Agencies

    Collaborate with all of your suppliers in a single location.

  • Designers & Engineers

    Manage all of your communication and assets for your projects.

  • Incubators & Accelerators

    Connect your members and staff across your entire community.

MakerOS will help you expand your capabilites and grow your business.

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