Run Your Operation In One Place

  • Collaborate With Projects

    Client & Internal Projects

    Place a simple link on your website to allow clients to submit their projects. Clients will have their own portal registered to your MakerOS account where they may access their projects, files, invoices, and communicate with your team. You can even add multiple clients per project.

  • Quoting & Invoicing

    3D Automatic & Assisted Quoting

    Built directly within projects, clients and team members can quote 3D files for any Additive Manufacturing process or other 3D production method with a simple interface. Every parameter and field is customizable.

  • Convenient & Easy

    Admin Dashboard

    Get a quick and easy snapshot of your business' health by tracking revenue, project creation, user accounts, and data usage. See what your project pipeline looks like to better understand what actions your team needs to make.

Use Cases

  • Small Fabricators

    Installed directly on your site for a singular customer experience.

  • Creative Agencies

    Collaborate with all of your suppliers in a single location.

  • Designers & Engineers

    Manage all of your communication and assets for your projects.

  • Incubators & Accelerators

    Connect your members and staff across your entire community.

Work All the Time & Everywhere

The Future is Now

You hustle all day and night, so should the central hub of where your work gets done. Use MakerOS on any device, even in your Tesla. MakerOS is a native webapp and will work with any browser.


Connect Your Existing Tools


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